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Reliable High Quality Refrigerated centrifuge 28 blood tubes per run.

DJB Labcare now offer the complete range of FIBERLite Carbon Fibre Centrifuge Rotors, for Beckman, Sorvall, Jouan, Eppendorf and more.....

LABOFUGE 400R, 2 year warranty Rotor 4 x 180ml, 28 blood tubes per run. Includes rotor, cups, sealing lids and adapters.

HERAEUS LABOFUGE 300, has a 8 place swing out rotor for even gel tube separation. With rotor and tube adapters

Small, light & portable. Perfect for on-call and smaller laboratories with 8 place rotor

The CERTOMAT® S II is available with two shaking amplitudes and digital control, making it a versatile tool for your laboratory. This benchtop, orbital shaker is ideal for cultivating micro organisms and shaking other types of vessels

Low Cost Benchtop Centrifuge, complete with 12-place angle rotor (incl. lid) for 1.5/2 ml micro tubes.

High-capacity, high-speed, small-footprint Microlitre centrifuge.

Sigma 2-16K

Small footprint, extremely versatile bench top centrifuge

  • Universal refrigerated table top centrifuge similar to SIGMA 2-16 but with integrated refrigeration system.

  • Low space requirement due to the compact design.

  • Maintenance-free brushless drive motor.

  • User friendly preselection and display for gravitational field, speed, rotor, time and temperature.

  • Temperature control even during standstill of the rotor, CFC-free refrigerant (R 134a). ]#

  • Efficient refrigeration at low temperatures.

  • Optimum safety according to national and international regulations (IEC 1010).

  • Free programming of all centrifugation parameters, single knob control, LCD-screen on request.

  • No. 10160 for 230V 50Hz

  • No. 10170 2-16KC for 230V 50Hz, freely programmable, incl. motorized Lidlock